What is Theano?

Theano is a Python library that allows us to evaluate mathematical processes, including multidimensional sequences, very efficiently. It is mostly used in the construction of Deep Learning Projects. It works faster on The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) instead of the CPU. Theano finds itself at high speeds for problems involving a high amount of data. In some cases, it can take advantage of GPUs that allow it to perform better than C on the CPU in significant order of size.
Knows how to get builds and convert them into very efficient code that uses numpy and some local libraries. It is designed to process the types of calculations required for large neural network algorithms, which are usually used in Deep Learning. That's why it's such a popular library in the field of Deep Learning.

Why Use Theano:
Theano is a mix of numpy and sympy, and he's trying to combine the two in a powerful library. Some of the advantages of Theano are as follows:

  • Stability Optimization: Theano can find some erratic statements and use more stable tools to evaluate them
  • Speed Optimization: As mentioned earlier, it can use the latest GPUs and play parts of the expressions on your CPU or GPU, making them much faster than Python
  • Symbolic Differentiation: Theano is smart enough to automatically create symbolic graphics to calculate gradients

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