About me

Ali Karabay

Hello everyone, friends I am a new high school graduate at the age of 18 and i am developing web and mobile apps. Among the programming languages I use are Laravel, React Native, and also Vue Js, among php, JAVASCRİpT, and framework technologies. you can also examine the stomach of the Linkedin profile.  My mission is to produce software that will make people's lives easier. The reason I open this site is to replicate Turkish resources in the software field, and if you have questions, you can post messages to my social media accounts and post them in business offers at the same time.

Contests I Participated in

We competed with 100 projects in konya regional exhibition with 100 projects prepared in 12 different fields by passing the first qualifiers in the 51st High School Students Research Projects Competition.

We've received the regional third prize in software.


My Training

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHYivO_x2UU1RezTycTvWKE7Nzfx0qMGi

Github : https://github.com/karabayyazilim/softAdmin


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